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Take the 30-Day Challenge!

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Going Monk Mode!

What is Monk Mode?


Monk Mode is a period of time of intense focus on important goals in your life.  Monk mode is a productivity hack popular among CEOs and entrepreneurs that involves working solely on one task at a time and avoiding distractions.


Is it time to Get in Shape? Lose Weight? Reduce Stress? Find Purpose? Balance? Our app allows members to excel in targeted areas of their lives via phone or tablet with the Lifeonomics App (powered by LightBridge).

At Lifeonomics, we give you 30 days to make profound changes in your life.  Your first 30 days are on us!  No Credit Card Required!

"No one is coming to save you.

They can't.

Because the only real thing holding you back... is yourself.

It's up to YOU to make changes in your life.

And that's where this 30-day challenge comes in."


Check in with coaches, teammates, friends, workout partners, and other support contacts.

This is about building your team and/or being part of a coaching team.

Use our custom routines or create your own for workouts, meditation, positive affirmations, and tasks that can assist our members with their coaching experience.

Be the star of your very own Reality Show!

Our members will be given access to our lessons, videos, and podcasts in their routines and calendars.

The 3 Monk Mode Protocols

For the next 30 days, you will be guided through the 3 core monk mode protocols...


Discover what the power of your mind holds and the transformative results discipline can yield.


➡️ The secret to developing laser-focused attention so you can start achieving what's important to you

➡️ How to slow down time so you can accomplish more

➡️ The #1 protocol to achieve mastery over your mind



Sculpt a resilient body and level of health that supports your ambitions.


➡️ How to develop and STICK WITH healthy routines 

➡️ What to do to reach your fitness goals without quitting

➡️ How to use discipline to create more discipline


Ignite your spirit for life, find meaning & align your behaviors with your true purpose.


➡️ Why most people struggle their entire lives to find their true purpose, and what to do to find yours

➡️ How to design an authentic, successful life that's true to yourself

➡️ How to create meaning even if your current life is mundane

Inside the Monk Mode challenge:

We walk you through the three monk-mode protocols to redesign your behavior and slowly implement the same routines used by millionaire business owners, high performers, and elite-level SWAT commanders.

✅ Every week, you will receive a core training lesson and a brief challenge to complete.

✅ You will also be held accountable through our custom app. The end outcome?

Mental mastery. Physical transformation. Purposeful success.

The Lifeonomics Coaching App
Join the Movement


Check in with teammates, friends & family. Be part of a community that shares their growth and experience.

My Day

Manage your activities and routines to actively stay on a path of growth and balance!


Create, share, or utilize Lifeonomics templates and featured routines as a blueprint for positive change in your life


Get Access to the App Now!

Change your life today!  You will receive a link via email to download the app and have access to Lifeonomics content and coaching.

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