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More Tech Tools Please!

Last week's assignment was to log all your food and drink into MyFitnessPal or another food aggregator.  

What Tech Tools will you need?

How did that go?  

Are you completely devastated?  

I know it was the first time I logged all my food and drink!

Here’s the good news!  

If you log food and drink for the next several weeks, your nutrition choices will naturally begin to improve.  

Remember the Mind tool - “What we resist persists” from earlier in the series?  

We’ve never found that trying NOT to do something works very well, so for now, keep logging!

Now…. Here’s the even better news!  

You can easily offset calories consumed by simply burning them off through exercise!  Go back to your health plan.  What is the form of exercise that you had planned on increasing?  If it is walking, running, cycling, or whatever it is, there is an easy-to-use app out there that can track it for you.  Most likely, it can link directly to MyFitnessPal, and you’ll actually see the offset! 

When I want to enjoy a nice ribeye steak, 

vegetables, and a glass of wine without the guilt… 

because as you know by now…

 We don’t do guilt! 

I know from experience that this meal will be about 1000 calories.  

I also know that about an hour and a half of outdoor cycling 

can burn over 1000 calories for me.

   Can you now begin to see how your relationship with food may change?  

You may begin to ask yourself, 

Is this food choice worth it?

Your challenge this week is to have all your support apps that measure your activity downloaded onto your phone.  

Don’t worry about mastering your apps just yet.  

Good luck with the challenge, and remember to keep logging all your meals.  


Coach Rob

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