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What Does Good Health Look Like?

Can you burn calories just thinking about your health?  Well…. maybe a few, but we still want you to think before you start! 

This is week one of the Body portion of our Mind, Body, and Spirit coaching series. Before you do anything, we want you to spend an entire week thinking about what health really means to you and writing it down.

Unless you are already in optimum health and fitness, you probably have tried to “get in shape,” possibly over and over in your life, without sustainable success. So what makes this time different?  In our MB&S life coaching methodology, we believe that changing our body starts with changing our mind. 

We challenge you to THINK carefully about what health means to you, not what it means to your friends, family, social media, or even your doctor.  Think about what it means to YOU. For now, forget about “conventional wisdom” and any other preconceived idea you might have.  Focus on outcomes.  What does a healthier and more fit version of you look and feel like?  Is it more energy?  A stronger immune system?  Is it overcoming a chronic condition you already have?  Maybe you want to be more active, like running a marathon. 

WRITE it all down without any thought of

how you might accomplish it or if it’s even possible at all.  Color it with as much detail as you can.  Detail that inspires you like: For me, health means being able to spend an entire day hiking in nature with my child or grandchild.  Or maybe it’s being able to sleep soundly and peacefully every night.  Maybe it’s more passion and intimacy.  Don’t hold back; this is YOUR vision, and it’s just for YOU. 

Good luck with the challenge!  

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