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What is Truly Important to You?

In this week’s look inward, we challenge you to refocus on what’s Truly Important to you. 

We find that many people live their lives lost in the haze of just getting through each day on the various tasks and responsibilities that are pressing and urgent but really not that important, at least not that important TO THEM.   Even having a passing thought about what is Truly Important to us gets lost behind all the noise.  Day’s weeks, months, and years pass.  

What is Truly Important to You?

Question?  If we’re not focused on what’s Truly Important to us, how can we find or have a purpose? Answer. We Can’t!

This week’s challenge is to think about what’s Truly Important to you.  Spend as much time as you can contemplating this, especially during your daily mindfulness exercise.  (Yes, keep Just Breathing.) Then, journal your results!  That’s right, if you don’t already have a journal, go buy yourself a new one, OR use a digital one like I do.  I use the notes section of my iPad and title it Journal 2023!  I don’t even have to type it in.  Just hit the little microphone button and start talking.  Journaling is a critical part of our Process to Purpose.  For now, we need you to trust us and journal everything that you can think of that is Truly Important to you. 

Good luck with the challenge. See you next week.

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