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with Rob Holdford

and the Lifeonomics Coaching Team

Unlock Your Full Potential

Transform Your Life, Achieve Your Goals, and Embrace Success


Coaching Methodology

When was the last time you had Life Training?  The answer for most is NEVER!


If you've worked for a corporation, you likely have had some form of discrimination and/or harassment training.  We view this as "Don't do it" training, and we don't consider that Life Training.


Our methodology has three basic protocols: Mind, Body, and Spirit.  The Mind training is about learning powerful Life Tools that lead you to live a life free of worry and regret.  Providing you with the systems, strategies, and structures to achieve mastery of your mind.

Our Body coaching is about finding good health to support your ambitions and physical life.  We've found that everyone is different and has a unique vision of what good health looks like.

Spirit training is about finding meaning that aligns your behaviors with your true purpose.  Becoming self-aware and having a purpose-driven life is what we call "Living Life-Squared."

Lifeonomics, Living Free of Worry and Regret
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The Journey Towards Balance Begins on the Path of Self Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

Rob provided me the opportunity to join his coaching program during a pivotal time in my life.  Rob helped me to discover and define my purpose, gave me practical tools to learn how to let things go, embrace new experiences and challenges and develop a mindset of confidence and growth!  Going through this program changed my life!  Rob is an authentic, one-of-a-kind, inspirational man who truly cares about helping other people live their best life on purpose.”

- Amy Constable

I know from personal experience that Rob is one of those people with a gift for believing in others more than they believe in themselves. His desire for people to find true, abiding joy and fulfillment is palpable and contagious.

- Kevin McKelvy

When I first reached out to Rob for coaching I was suffering from to a combination of severe caregivers stress syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder that had overtaken my life.  I had lost hope.  Lifeonomics coaching helped me take back control of my life and completely transform it.  The story doesn’t end there.  Somewhere along this amazing path Rob and I fell in love and got married.

- Joy Holdford

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