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Capacity Versus Potential

This week, we're focused on the difference between capacity and


One definition of the word capacity is our ability or power to do, experience

book entitled Capacity. We highly recommend it, by the way. So, life capacity

is our ability or power to experience or understand life.

Increasing our life training, like taking a life coaching challenge like

this, is one way to empower each other to expand our

capacity to live and experience life. We think exponentially. That's where we

came up with the term living life squared.

Now, capacity is often confused with potential. While our current true life

capacity is a reasonably measurable metric, our true life's potential is simply


It’s incredibly difficult to measure something that keeps expanding every

time we approach it. Ironically, we can never fully see or understand our true potential because of our limited capacity to perceive. Moving toward our true potential is always and will always be an act of blind faith.

Yeah, I use the f-word. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If I believe that I can do it, I

shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the

beginning.” Now, that's either insanity or it's faith.

This week's challenge is to take some of the blind from blind faith and look

for stories and people who inspire you. Look for examples of amazing expansion

of life's capacity in others. For our faith will expand from inspiration. As our ability to believe expands, so will our life capacity in an amazing and never-ending journey toward our true potential. Good luck with the challenge!

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