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Have The Right Tools

Take a wild guess: how many calories do you consume every day?

Did you see your physician last week? Don’t worry if you can’t get in just yet. We understand that scheduling takes some creativity.  The important thing is you set the appointment, right?

This week, we want to cover tools that can really help you become more successful.

One of my biggest health challenges has always been weight. The single most powerful tool I have ever found to help me control my weight.  No, it’s not a Peloton, Shake Weight, or Thighmaster; It’s my smartphone! Our smartphones can change everything, and many of the tools available to you are either free to download or may already exist on your tech platform!

This week’s tool focus is an app that literally changed my life.  It’s called MyFittness Pal.  This week’s challenge is to download MyFittnessPal or some other similar app.  Then, focus on doing only one incredibly important thing all week long without trying to make any changes in your life. Simply log everything that you eat or drink all week into the app.  And yes, that includes “adult beverages.”  This one simple exercise can change your relationship with food for the rest of your life!  Remember….Don’t judge!  Just log!

Good luck with the challenge!  See you next week!   

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