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Is Your Attention Being Hacked?

Updated: Mar 24

What or who are you paying attention to during your day?  Wherever our attention goes, so goes our energy.  Attention management is the very first foundational concept of our Lifeonomics Coaching Methodology.

“In this week’s video, learn how to pay attention to your attention”


We have a saying, “What we feed breeds. What we resist persists”.  We feed the experience of our lives first and foremost with our attention.  It is absolutely one of our most valuable resources, and yet we let people and things steal it from us all the time.  We call this Attention Hacking!  If you don’t think your attention is valuable just look at the millions and millions of dollars that are being made online and in social media platforms by hacking your attention and then RESELLING IT!  Wait a minute, that’s YOUR ATTENTION, NOT THEIRS!

We often refer to this as Captured Attention, when someone has us emotionally locked into attending to something that may or may not be that important to us.  The very first skill set in our Lifeonomics Coaching Methodology is to RETAKE your own attention.  

We have found that truly successful people have developed the skill of Focused Attention, which is a deliberate act of directed Free Will that holds their attention only on what is Truly Important to them and the people who are truly important to them.  Don’t worry, we can train you to do this, but for this week:  

Just pay attention to your attention!  Notice where your energy is flowing and what might be growing because of it. 

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