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Restoring Honor!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

What does it mean to you to live a life of honor? In our life coaching methodology, we define honor simply as doing what we say we’ll do and being who we say we are.

Flashback to 1988. I knew a very ambitious 24-year-old financial advisor. He was single. He’d just moved to the big city and was getting started with his career. He wanted to be successful and hired a life coach.

His first assignment was to write down three to five things that were most important to him. His list was simple and noble: Faith, family, and career.

His second assignment was to document in his paper Day-Timer calendar—that’s all we had back then—every 30 minutes of his life for a full week without changing anything. Next week the young man turned in his assignment.

To his horror, the life coach pulled out a calculator and proceeded to add up how he was spending his time and attention. He came to find out there was almost zero time spent on his faith. He didn’t call home or see his family, and although he was “at work,” based on the activities he listed, he was actually only working about 20 hours per week on that.

The life coach handed him back the real list of what was most important to him: drinking beer, watching cable tv, and dating girls, or attempting to date girls.

The reason I know this story so well was I was that young financial advisor. Don’t tell mom. There’s nothing inherently wrong with drinking beer, watching TV, and dating girls. It’s the misalignment that’s the problem.

I was unintentionally living a life that was completely out of integrity. I was not doing what I said I would do. Nor was I being who I said I was.

I had no honor.

Now that you’ve realigned your time and attention, you may realize there are areas of your life that are out of integrity with who you say you are. There are relationships that may have had your time but not your attention.

There may be things you have said you would do that have not yet been done. This week’s challenge is a big one: Focus on restoring honor and integrity in all things, large and small, with all people, friend, and foe. Then begin to notice exponential power show up when you really start believing you.

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