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Restoring Honor!

Updated: Mar 24

In this week’s Mind Video, I tell a fascinating story about a very ambitious young man. He’s funny, hardworking, attractive… but most of all, humble. (Okay, it’s me.).

Honor is simple: Do what you say you’ll do and be who you say you are

Seriously, I tell the story about how I hired my very first life & business coach back in 1988.  His very first assignment changed my life forever. (And actually was VERY humbling. Be sure and watch the video)

Honor is the second core foundation in our Lifeonomics Coaching Methodology.  

For us, Honor is simple: Do what you say you’ll do and be who you say you are.  

Honor means being HONEST with ourselves and with each other.  It’s foundational because fundamentally changing our lives for the better requires actually believing in ourselves when we say things.  If we are constantly saying things that we never do, why would we believe us now?  If we don’t even believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to? 

This week’s challenge is about restoring honor and integrity in all things large and small, with all people, friend or foe.   And yes, it will likely involve some difficult conversations with others and with ourselves, but I promise… if you find the courage to Restore Your Honor, it will be worth it.  If you are out of integrity with others, simply acknowledge it and renegotiate a new agreement.  No one has to be bad or wrong.  Just get back into integrity because we believe a person’s Honor is likely their most valuable possession.  We believe it cannot be taken away from us.  We must give it away.  Honor is literally foundational, for without it, what solid thing do we have to build upon?    

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