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What is Spirit all about?

For us at Lifeonomics Coaching, Spirit means the ongoing search for meaning, fulfillment, and a deeper sense of connection to ourselves and this universe we call home.  


Don’t worry; we’re not going to start chanting! However, this week, we begin your journey to discover your unique life purpose.  We call this our Process To Purpose.  Having a clear understanding of our life’s purpose is one of the most powerful of all the Spirit - Life Tools.  In fact, it’s foundational.  Each step of our process builds powerfully on the last, even if the step seems simple or doesn’t seem to apply directly.  

We begin our process by learning to quiet our mind on a regular basis.  A quiet mind is not as easily stressed; a quiet mind is not as easily worried; a quiet mind is slow to anger, and a quiet mind knows little fear…. That’s right… courage from silence.  Pursuing purpose requires courage, and we can find it with a more quiet mind.    

This week’s challenge is to find a quiet place, sit down, close your eyes, and just breathe for two minutes a day. Below is a link to our two-minute mindfulness exercise if you would like a guide.  

Good luck with the challenge; see you next week.

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