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Your Focus Needs More Focus!

Updated: Apr 2

In the video, I tell a sweet story about an amazing 4-year-old boy named Chase, who taught me one of the most important lessons of my life.  (Be sure to watch it, or you will be very confused later when we say, “Grab your own ears.”)

“Is someone important trying to you trying to grab your ears?”

The lesson was this:

We often hear people say that our time is the most valuable asset since it is constantly ticking away, and we can never make any more of it…. Cliche, right?

Chase taught me that my time, WITHOUT MY ATTENTION, was pretty much worthless to him!  Time management is futile without attention management, which is what we call FOCUS!  In today’s world, technology has permeated our lives, offering unprecedented distractions. Trillions of dollars are made every year by Hacking our Attention.  And please don’t give me the multi-tasking line.  Multi-tasking is a myth.  We can only focus on one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking is simply SWITCHING between tasks; it’s not Focus.  Later we will train you how to hold your Focus and thereby exponentially improve your productivity and enjoyment of life. 

For now, simply practice “grabbing your own ears” (see, I told you to watch the video) and consciously shift your focus away from things and people that are not Truly Important to you and toward the ones that are.  The exercise is the shift.  Each time you consciously shift focus back to where you want it to be, it’s like a mental push-up.  Practice, practice, practice!

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