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Your Focus Needs More Focus!

Updated: Feb 7

I was spending Saturday morning at a friend’s house, watching cartoons with a four-year-old boy named Chase. Chase loooooved cartoons, and he loved to talk about them.

That morning, Chase was in my lap, nose to nose, telling me a truly important story about the cartoon we had just watched, when his mother walked into the room and asked me a question. After I talked to her for about a minute, Chase had his fill. He grabbed my ears and slowly turned my head back until we were nose-to-nose again. Chase was simply not interested in my time without my attention. To him, my conversation with his mother was just a distraction.

“Is someone important trying to you trying to grab your ears?”

Fast forward 30 years. Technology has permeated our lives, offering unprecedented distractions that would have been unimaginable back in 1988. Trillions of dollars are being made every year by hacking our attention. In fact, we’re hacking your attention right now in order for you to restore focus on what’s truly important to you.

Does your focus need more focus? We all have attention. It’s time to pay attention to your attention. We can realize our time is our attention by restoring focus.

Is someone important to you trying to grab your ears? Probably. This week’s Challenge is to grab your own ears and restore focus on that which is truly important to you. In the Jaden Smith version of the kids’ movie The Karate Kid, the sensei looks solemnly at his student and says, “Your focus needs more focus.”

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