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Triple C Challenge

Dan Carnegie’s landmark book How to Win Friends and Influence People will recapture amazing amounts of energy that can be redirected to doing what is truly important to you with the people who are truly important to you.

Here is the Mind, Body, Spirit Triple C challenge—which will help you unlock even more of that energy. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain for 7 days, even for what seems like a good cause, even if you think they deserve it (and especially not in writing).

So what do we mean by criticizing, condemning or complaining? Here are our definitions:

Criticize: Make unsolicited negative comments, especially when there is no viable solution. Criticizing someone behind their back is gossip. Gossip is toxic.

Momma used to say, “Son, if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, try saying nothing at all.” It’s great advice.

Condemn: Condemning is making someone or something wrong, especially without knowing all the facts, which we seldom do. The act of condemning allows the condemner a quick fix of superiority. Unfortunately, condemning each other has become our new national cybersport.

Complain. This is sharing negative news or opinions with someone who has no ability to effect change. Telling your waiter that your food is cold is a legitimate concern, shared with someone who has the ability to correct the problem. Repeatedly telling a friend that your spouse just isn’t doing it for you anymore is complaining. Stop complaining and get some counseling.

The Triple Cs steal massive amounts of our time and attention while creating massive relationship problems with others in the world.

What would happen if for the next 7 days we suddenly redirected all of the Triple C energy toward actually doing something constructive?

Good luck with the challenge. See you next week.

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