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What Does Your Best Look Like?

What does your best look like? This week, our focus has shifted away from

thoughts and words completely. It's all about action.

(New to Mind, Body & Spirit - Start on Week One)

Don Miguel Ruiz makes one of the most powerful points in his landmark book The Four Agreements is always to do your best, nothing more, nothing less.

Let's face the facts. If we're phoning it in, it’s probably not that important to us. We’ve already learned that almost anything that's not truly important to us in today's world can be automated, delegated, or eliminated.

The critical key to always "Do your Best" is understanding that your best will change from day to day. One of my very favorite memories is of a day when I was so proud of the best that I gave. It was on one of the legs of the cycling event called Tour de Nebraska. I love that day. I was in the best shape of my adult life. It was crystal clear that I did my best.

Not long ago, I had an accident that herniated a disc in my neck. It caused severe pain that required major surgery and whole days in a hospital. All I could do was lay in bed with this little white button in my right hand. My Apple watch was on my left wrist, and every 10 minutes, the alarm would go off on my watch, which meant I got to push the little white button and get another dose of morphine. It provided me with about nine minutes of pain relief.

So here's the question. Was being wired to a pain pump and having to pee into a plastic jug my best, too? The answer is absolutely yes.

The challenge for this week is to do your best in all things, understanding

that your best may change from day to day. Still, do your best.

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