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When will then be now? Soon!

Updated: Mar 24

Life is an amazing gift.  One of the simplest descriptions of a person’s life is the distance between the cradle and the grave. This distance is measured by time.. days, weeks, months, years… decades.

Ask yourself, is what I'm doing now, truly important to me?

Now, we really never know exactly where we are on that line.  When I was about 3 years old, my older brother Nathan was killed in a tragic accident.  The distance between his cradle and grave was only 8 years.  That was over 50 years ago for me.

So how do we make the most of the time and life we have left, understanding that the only time we really have is now?  


What if we could spend the rest of our time on this earth focused on only doing what is Truly Important to us, with the people who are Truly Important to us? In today’s world… almost everything else can be automated, delegated, or eliminated.

This week’s assignment is to write this question down on sticky notes and place them everywhere in your life… on your computer screen, on your mirror, beside your bed… (Yes… sticky notes! If you’re under 30 years old, ask your parents about them. You can order them on Amazon like pretty much everything else on Earth.)  

Here’s the question:

Is what I’m doing right now Truly Important to me?

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