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Passions, Values, and Goals

This week, we want to focus on your passions, values, and goals.  Put more simply, what do you feel strongly about? What do you stand for? And where do you see yourself in the future?

Get in touch with your Passions, Values, and Goals.

"It's time to get in touch with your Passions, Values, and Goals.

All three of these questions seem to get lost as we go through our hectic days…  As we endlessly scroll on social media…  Check every new email. Self-medicate… We focus on all the things we can’t control.  Why?

Why not focus on what we can control, like getting clear on our values and life goals?  We certainly can’t control the outcomes, but we can control our intent. Are we living a life by design or by default?  The tricky part about values is to make sure and ask yourself if this is STILL true for you.  Often, we find that people are hanging onto old hand-me-down values and goals that they have actually moved past but just haven't realized it yet.  For many years of my life, I had a great passion for snow skiing, but as my passion for cycling grew, I kinda lost the ski bug.

One of my greatest passions is playing and singing in a classic rock band! Yup! I am a life coach by day and a rockstar by night! What are your passions? What are your values? For me, honor, courage, and compassion are at the top of many lists.    

This week’s challenge is essential to finding purpose and happiness. Pull out the journal and write down your passions, values, and life goals.  

Good luck with the challenge. See you next week.

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