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Who is Truly Important to You?

Updated: Apr 3

Mom used to say, “Robby, you are who you associate with.”  I always hated that when she said it because she was probably referring to one of my… let’s just say… more adventurous friends.  Decades later, I have to admit Mom was right.  Our relationships have a powerful influence over how we experience our lives.

Think about who is truly important to you.

"Who is truly important to you?

In our coaching methodology, a core tenet is to endeavor to do only that which is Truly Important to you with the people who are Truly Important to you. Everything else can be delegated, automated, or eliminated.   

It’s hard to do that if we don’t really know WHO is Truly Important to us….

And… It's way too easy to make assumptions about this. 

This week’s challenge is to take a thorough inventory of all the people in your life and rank the relationships. Is it a Truly Important relationship or not?  

Maybe some people in your life used to be Truly Important to you… that… well… really aren’t anymore.

 This isn’t making people bad or wrong… And I know… it’s uncomfortable to think about, but it’s an important step on the road to discovering your life’s purpose.  Truly Important relationships support us in our growth and enjoyment of life.  If the relationship sucks the Joy out of you… chances are it’s not Truly Important to you.   

This week’s challenge is to make that list.  Love yourself enough, to be honest.  Every relationship in your life likely isn’t Truly Important to you.  There may be only a few. There may be dozens, but you will need that updated list of those who are Truly Important to you at this moment in your life’s journey in order to move forward in our Process To Purpose.  

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